The aim of this project was to make a User Interface for the management of a fleet of autonomous vehicles. My idea was to make this iPhone app to control swarms of drone bees



BeeQueen is an app to control drones with the shape of bees. You can have 100 bees collected in a swarm. Every swarm is linked to a queen bee. You can control the queen and send it everywhere in the world and the swarm will follow it. You can use this system to pollinate flowers or to produce honey.



After first paper sketches, I start to design the interface using Sketch app. I designed every screen of the app and all its functionalities. I create a system to select the Queen and send it to the destination. You can select the nearby parks or make a research.



In the Swarm screen, you can add new bees to a swarm until a maximum of 100. You can select a different type of bees like honey bees or bumble bees. The clean and intuitive design helps the user to easily add and subtract bees.


You can find the working prototype at this link:


  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 2
  • Date - December 2016
  • Skills/Tools Used - POP, Sketch App, inVision, Principle
Project link

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