DanceScore is a system designed as an easy and quick way of creating a visual representation of a dance choreography and it is meant to be used by professional dancers and choreographers.

The dancer will have to select the music that he wants to dance and position himself in front of the Microsoft Kinect connected to the computer. The software will play the music while the dancer will have to make is choreography. The Kinect will capture the dancer’s movements and will generate a piece of sheet that combines a music score and a dance score created with the data that the Kinect collected during the dance session. This DanceScore will be automatically printed so that the choreography can collect and use it as an instrument to teach the choreography. The dance score is coordinated to the music score so that it is easier to understand at what time in the music the dance movement is associated with.

As my project is designed to be used by an audience of professional dancers and choreographers I choose to create an interface that could recall the classic exterior aspect of the classical music and ballet. For this reason, I choose a Serif font called Playfair as my main typeface.

With that font, I also created the logo. It is two staves connected by a brace. In classical music notation, the brace is used to connect two or more staves that are meant to be played together. For example, it is used for piano notation to connect the right hand and the left hand of the player. With that, I want to symbolise that the dance score and the music score are meant to be read together. While the user reads the printed outcome, he will have to read the music score to understand in what time of the music the dancer was doing that particular movement.

When the user selects the song, he will have to be detected by the Kinect in order to start the experience. I choose to show the Kinect DepthImage as the background so that the user can see himself on the screen and can be oriented on the right spot. I put an image at the centre of the screen that shows also the best position to be recognised by the Kinect.

  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 3
  • Date - June 2018
  • Skills/Tools Used - Kinect, Processing, Java, Sibelius, Illustrator
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