Face Interview

The idea

The idea is to take a picture of interviewee’s face to capture their expressions when they hear the questions. I told them in advance about the interview protocol so they are aware that I am going to use their faces. I wrote the questions in a way that allows having a clear facial expression. For this reason, the questions must be the clearest and direct as possible.

Target: university students

They are strangers to me but I thought that, maybe, they would be more open-minded so I could have taken pictures of them.

Topic: modern issues.

I found out that people are more likely to express strong opinions while they are interviewed about politics and their personal beliefs. Which is something harder to get when you talk about technology. The questions are about subjects like Brexit or Animal Experimentation.

The design

The original idea was to use just static pictures with the facial expression but, thanks to the iPhone’s live pictures, I made some gifs.

  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 3
  • Date - September 2017
  • Skills/Tools Used - Sketch App, Principle.

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