UX Music Research


I create this website to show the results of my UX research. The topic was music and how musicians read music scores.

To start I had a music lesson with a professional teacher. I contacted Ben, a composer who has a degree in music from Trinity Laban. He writes music for orchestra and for bands.
He was really happy to give me an introductory lesson on music theory.
I went to his house and I started to asking him questions. During the two hours spent with him, I had enough time to make also an interview.
During the interview, I learned several things from him. For example why it is so important for children to learn music or why there are so many people that are able to play an instrument even if they can not read a music score.

After my music lesson with Ben, I choose to interview different musicians to know what are their thoughts.
My questions were focusing on understanding why there are so many people that can play music but at the same time they cannot read and write music on a score. I interviewed four musicians. From these, only one was able to both play an instrument and read and write music. All the others, even if all professional, are only able to play the instrument.

When I finished both the music lesson and the interviews I created a website to show the outcomes. I made it with HTML and CSS.


  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 3
  • Date - November 2017
  • Skills/Tools Used - HTML, CSS.
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