Music Score with Conductive Ink

This is an interactive Music Score. To play with it you just have to press one of the Notes on the two Staves and you will listen to the corresponding piano sound.

To start this project, I went to follow a special lesson on Arduino and Physical Computing. I connected to the Arduino a Touch Sensor. In this way, when I was touching the sensor, the Arduino was sending to the computer a signal. In this way, I can code the computer to make different things when receiving different input from the sensor.

I then bought a special jar with the Electric Paint from Bare Conductive. It contains 50 ml of Conductive Ink that I used to screen print my Music Score.

I made different designs of my Music Score before being happy with the result. My final version of the Music Score is this one. It is similar to the one that I made before, but in this case, I modified the notes, not the staves. Now the note’s symbol is the one of the Breve. I produced that symbol starting from a real music score, so my staves are now more similar to a real one.

Finally I ultimate my project. After finishing to print the Music Score with the screen printing technique, I went to the studio to connect all the elements together. I started by connecting the first cable. I used a crocodile clip to attach the pi on the paper made with conductive ink to the pin on the touch board. After connecting the cable I had to reset the touch board to make it recalibrate. I must do it every time I change the connections, otherwise, the board cannot recognise the new connections.

Everything is working perfectly. Every time I touch a note on the stave it makes the sound. The sounds were recorded from a piano. I made individual mp3 of every single note and I inserted it on a micro SD on the touch board.

  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 3
  • Date - January 2018
  • Skills/Tools Used - Conductive Ink, Touch Board.

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