Redesign Wikipedia

With this project, I tried to redesign Wikipedia with a better User Interface and implementing some more utilities to increase the User Experience of the product.



The new home screen is now more polished, intuitive and easy to use than the original one. The Search Bar is positioned right in the centre to help users to start making research instantly. On the home page, there are even feature articles about current events or interesting topics.



The article page is now narrower. With a fixed length for the lines, it is easier for the user to read the article. I moved the contents list on the left, instead of in the centre of the page, so the user can always see it. On the right, I put the main info of the page.



I introduced a series of tools that helps to increase the UX of the website. When you select a piece of text now you will see appear a special menu where you can select to add a note, a bookmark or choose different colours for highlight. You can even visualise other users highlight, like if you were reading an old book from a library and you find some note on it. The highlight is shown only for peace of text that was selected by a lot of users, so only the most important pieces will be highlighted.



If you are reading during the night, the light from the screen can tire your eyes. For that reason, I designed a special Night View of the website. The dark UI is designed expressly for people that like study and read during the night.


  • Client - University of Arts London – Year 1
  • Date - March 2016
  • Skills/Tools Used - Sketch App, Photoshop
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